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Individual prototypes

The design and manufacture of customized prototypes for preoperative planning are made.


Individual prototypes for preoperative planning are made on the basis of CT and MRI scans, thus fully reflecting the situation in the study area.
The prototype has high accuracy, which makes it possible to measure the spatial location of the specific points or surfaces.

The ability to artificially reproduction an individual physical prototype based on tomography data makes it possible to take surface prints (for example, using an impression or scanning) for further precise design of navigational surgical templates, instruments, fixators and implants, selection of surgical intervention tactics and type of access.

The 3D prototype can be used not only for preoperative planning and carrying out "surgery to surgery" at the stages of preparation. This model can be created with vessels and nerves and can be used in the operating room as a navigator during surgery.
Today on the market there is a large volume of materials for 3D printing of models that repeat the tactile, mechanical, elastic properties of living tissues, in addition, they are subjected to different methods of sterilization.